⭐️89/100⭐️ Florent Rouve Vin Jaune, 2012 📍Jura, France🇫🇷 🍇

3/4/2021, 5:30:03 PM
⭐️89/100⭐️ Florent Rouve Vin Jaune, 2012 📍Jura, France🇫🇷 🍇 100% Savagnin ⚡️15% Tasted: February 2021 The winery of Florent Rouve, run by Jean Rijckaert, are based just outside Mâcon in Bourgogne, from where they produce local classics such as Mâcon-Lugny, Viré-Clissé and Mâcon-Villages from their 4 hectares of land. But, they also have 5,5 hectares of land in Jura to take care of. The viticulture are focused on sustainability and low human intervention, aiming for a classic, clean expression from the wines. Vin Jaune, “yellow wine”, is made from late harvest Savagnin grapes, which undergo a slow and complete fermentation and rests 72 months in small oak casks. There’s no racking and topping up during the elevage, which results in ≈30% evaporation of the wine and the occurrence of a film of yeast called “voile” (same as “flor” in Spanish Sherry) that protects (not totally) the wine from oxidation. The combination of oxidation and the yeast particles are the fundamental elements of developing the flavors of Vin Jaune. It’s bottled in the special Clavelin bottle with only 62cl. The lost evaporated part is called “the angels’ share”. From the very first smell, your not in doubt that you’re dealing with a voile/flor-wine. The aromas are very expressive with classic heavy oxidized notes - brown moldy windfallen apple, raisin, ripe pear, caramel, banana peel, warm hayloft, fresh fennel, roasted hazelnuts, wet gravel and a mild hint of curry. The palate is bone dry and medium-bodied (slightly oily) offering dried pear and apricot, wet wood, orange peel and the special oxidized taste occurring from the voile. 

It’s not super developed on the tongue yet but the nose is delicious. For the price, this is a great Vin Jaune, but it lacks a bit of “everything” compared to the big boys in the game. Spottet at @bichelvine #wine #winelover #vinjaune #savagnin #oxidativewine #florentrouve #vinsrijckaert #vin #vinblanc #vino #vinobianco #sherry #comte #gourmet #sustainablewine #organicwine #biodynamicwine #wineporn #naturalwine #winereview #finewine #frenchwine #jura #arbois #france #sommlife #wineblogger #sommelier #copenhagen #gastronomy

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