NV Broadbent -  Rainwater Madeira @broadbentselections ℹ️

NV Broadbent - Rainwater Madeira @broadbentselections ℹ️

1/23/2021, 9:30:23 PM
NV Broadbent - Rainwater Madeira @broadbentselections ℹ️ This fortified wine is 98% Tinta Negra and 2% other local red grape varieties from the Portuguese Island of Madeira. Tinta Negra is the workhorse grape of the island that can represent a wide range of styles. The name "Rainwater" has two origin stories. The first and more plausible story simply refers to the wine's light and fresh style, similar to fresh rainwater. The other, which is more lore, is a barrel that was left out without a bung, and then it rained. This diluted the barrel resulting in a different expression, and the customers in America raved about this new style of wine. The wine was aged for an average of three years. The residual sugar is 74 g/l. 👁 Medium amber color 👃 Medium+ intensity on the nose. Aromas of toasted walnuts, orange marmalade, burnt orange peel (like at a fancy cocktail bar), mission fig, sultana, sea breeze, and salted toffee. 👄 The wine is medium-dry, high acidity, high alcohol (19%), and medium body. The flavors are more expressive on the palate. A medium length finish of sultana, orange peel, and salted toffee. 🔔 The Broadbent Rainwater is a friendly entry point to the wines of Madeira and quite an affordable one at that. The acidity (pH 3.1) of this wine masks the residual sugar and simply balances it out. This bottle is straightforward to drink and pairs well with many foods, especially where many wines fall short. I would consider this the most "quaffable" style of Madeira, but if you want the full experience, I always recommend starting with the Broadbent 10 years old Malmsey. 💰~$18 #vin #lovewine #🍷 #wineterroir #wine #madeira #rainwater #broadbentselections #tintanegra #madeirawine #fortifiedwine #portuguesewine #portuguesewines

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