⭐️92/100⭐️ Suertes del Marqués Trenzado, 2019 📍Valle de La

2/4/2021, 5:09:50 PM
⭐️92/100⭐️ Suertes del Marqués Trenzado, 2019 📍Valle de La Orotava, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain🇪🇸 🍇 90% Listán Blanco / 10% Torontés Volcánico ⚡️12,5% Tasted: January 2021 I was first introduced to the unique wines of Tenerife last summer. And wow, that blew my mind! Since then, wines made from Listán Blanco has been among my favorites, and this one is no exception. They are complex and distinctive - quite their own. - There’s a lot of synonyms for Listan Blanco. The most well known is Palomino made for sherry. This small unique family winery, located on the northern part of the island, has made wine with their own label since 2006 with a minimized human intervention philosophy. They own 11he in total ranging from 350 to 750 metres above sea level, moreover, they work closely together with other local vine-farmers bringing extra 15he to harvest from. All on volcanic soil. Trenzado is a village wine harvested from +100 years old vines, made with wild native yeast, fermented with whole clusters and left on the lees (40% in concrete tanks with a few days skin contact, 60% in 500 liter foudres without skins). It’s aged 9 months in used French foudres (20hl. to 45hl.). The aromas are crazy and extremely reductive (lots of sour cabbage to begin with). Leave it to breath for half an hour. Afterwords, lovely scents of roasted sesame, citrus, smoky gunpowder, oily train rail yard, brown-baked croissant, sea breeze, petrol, yeast and crushed volcanic stone appear. The palate is medium-bodied, a bit oily with an insane, mouth cleaning acidic level and great minerality. Grape, bitter pomelo, lemon peel, croissant, butter, salt and flint. Summarized, the nose is insanely interesting (maybe too interesting for some people…). The palate is milder and delicious. An addictive wine for sure! And for the price...🤯 #wine #winelover #trenzado #suertesdelmarques #tenerife #canaryislands #spain #listanblanco #vino #vinoblanco #vin #vinblanc #rarewine #finewine #gourmet #wineporn #petrol #organicwine #winereview #foodporn #winetime #sommlife #drink #sommelier #copenhagen #palomino #sherry #naturalwine #volcanicwine #🍷

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