Wine is more than just taste. It’s about emotion, passion

1/7/2021, 10:36:50 AM
Wine is more than just taste. It’s about emotion, passion and that moment in time. Whether it’s opening a special bottle for a celebration or cracking open a red with friends. All of these senses create a special wine. Wine is quite subjective and everyone has different taste and wants from a wine. Wines can be judged by a certain criteria but the reason I love wine is those extra elements that can’t be judged on paper or by scores. This is why I have an award for wine of the year. It’s not about white or red, depth or characteristics. The Wine of the Year is awarded to a wine that delivers not only taste and flavour but creates or has an X-factor. Stirs that emotion. Creates a moment in time where you just go “wow” So my Wine of the Year is; Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir Dr Edge was just an epic wine. Its has all the wine senses wrapped up with the sight of a beautiful colour, the smell, that frankly I wish I could smell everyday and lastly the taste of pure happiness. The wine itself is beautiful. But this wine created additional experiences beyond the glass of wine. The label is pure art (literally and the story behind that is even more impressive) Not to mention the background and winemaking skills of Dr Edge. The more I searched about this wine and the winemaker, the more I fell in love. All of this created a wine that was just magical to taste and experience and my favorite wine of the year. #tasmania #discovertasmania #tasmanianmade #australiawine #australianwine #wineaustralia #dredge #banksy #massiveattack #pinotnoir #pinotnoirlover #wineporn #wine #winelover #oregonwine @pjdredge #wineries @smallislandwines #redwine #wineoftheyear #winereview @langtonsfinewine @langtonswine #winetasmania #wineart #wineartist #tassiestyle #tassiewine #coolclimatewines @meadowbank #winelover #winelover #lovewine #wineexperience #winecountry

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