⭐️88/100⭐️ Graziano Prà Valpolicella “Morandina”, 2018

10/24/2021, 11:33:52 AM
⭐️88/100⭐️ Graziano Prà Valpolicella “Morandina”, 2018 📍Soave, Veneto, Italy🇮🇹 🍇 Corvina / Rondinalle / Corvinone / Oseleta ⚡️12,5 % Tasted: October 2020 The winery was founded in the early 1980’s by Graziano Prà and his brothers, Sergio and Flavio, who are all deeply related to generations of winemaking. The winemaking approach is shaped by sustainability and a naturally healthy philosophy to nature and the environment. They are organically certified, but only use of natural methods during harvest and vinification are allowed. The winery is located in the village of Monteforte d’Alpone in the Soave-area in the region of Veneto. It’s the whites from Soave, that created Prà’s international reputation in the beginning, but it’s definitely worth having a look at their reds in Valpolicella as well. The Morandina is made from grapes harvested at 450 metres altitude. Light drying of the grapes for 20 days, vinified (destemmed) with délestage-method (less extraction of tannins) and aged 3-6 months in 20 hl oak casks. Only around 5.000 bottles are made pr. year. Well, this is by far the most interesting and elegant Valpolicella I’ve ever had..! The wine is bright ruby with purple edges - and almost fully transparent.
The nose is extremely aromatic with an almost overwhelming scent of fresh and baked red bell pepper and tomato (like entering a warm greenhouse) with lots of florality and herbs: Basil, thyme, mint, anise and lavender and rose petals. It’s complimented by fresh blackcurrant, rhubarb and a great chalky minerality. The palate is quite light and very harmonious and fresh. Light red fruit (fresh blackcurrant and sour cherry-like), smooth tannins, crushed black pepper, rooibos tea, raspberry soda and a superb mineral finish. Spottet at @distinto .dk #wine #winelover #valpolicella #morandina #grazianopra #veneto #verona #italy #finewine #wineporn #winereview #sommelier #luxury #gastronomy #design #wineblogger #vin #vinrouge #vino #vinorosso #instawine #australia #italia #foodporn #ワイン #organic #natural #topwine #winetime #🍷

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