Wine by Bromley Revolution Rating: A- Price: $38

6/10/2021, 12:36:10 PM
Wine by Bromley Revolution Rating: A- Price: $38 Recommendation: Buy. A unique wine I have to start by explaining this wine. Revolution is a blend of 3 varieties. Not unusual, but this wine is made from 3 varieties from 3 seperate vintages. Now things gets interesting. The revolution started back in 2016, when one barrel of Pinot Gris was kept from bottling. This is when this experiment began. The Pinot Gris was kept for 12 months and in 2017 this single barrel was split evenly into an additional barrel. A 2017 Semillon was added. So there was now two barrels of a Semillon and Pinot Gris blend. Another year passed and these two barrels were divided into 3 barrels. They were then topped with the 2018 Chenin Blanc. Are you with me? So we have a 2016 Pinot Gris blended with 2017 Semillon and a 2018 Chenin Blanc. Finally in 2019, two and half of these barrels were bottled to create the multi vintage blend. Have a look at my second photo and there is a nice little diagram. What’s the result? Brilliant. But outright confusing at the start (note: I hadn’t read the tasting notes and as being a wine lover I always try to guess the grapes used. So with this you can imagine a bit of confusion. Especially when I just spent quite a few sentences explaining it). I read the tasting notes after my first sip and my eyes 👀 lit up. Impressive. Obviously the layers and complexity of this wine are second to none. Unique and delicious. Did you notice I only outlined that 2 1/2 barrels were bottled? The winemaker Darren has continued the revolution with the other half the barrel which was kept and filled with the 2019 Riesling. Innovative yet...simple... 🍷 #winemaking #australianwine #wine #wines #geelongwine #geelong #geelongbusiness #whitewine #pinotgris #semillon #cheninblanc #winemaking #revolution #bendigo #wineaustralia #bromley #bromleywines #unique #innovation #worthbuying #3years #vintage #winebarrel #winesofjapan #winetasting #wineinspires #blendwine #winepassion #vineyard #victorianwine @winegeelong @geelongmumswineclub @bromleywines

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